Bandipur, a picturesque hill top town is located almost halfway through the highway linking Kathmandu to Pokhara. Bandipur is spread over 4562 hectors of land, which has a settlement of around 5000 people and 600 houses. The weather is cool all the year round. Although different communities such as Magar, Gurung, Bahun, Kshetry, Damai, Kami and Sarki live in the Bandipur. It is predominantly a Newari town. This town remains preserved ever since it was built and allows the tourists to enjoy its beautiful architecture and great Mountain View. Bandipur is known for its majestic view of the Himalayan ranges covering the entire Annapurna range including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Langtang. The view starts from the snow capped mountains spreading to the great Marshyandi River valley below.

Bandipur sites to visit

Ramkot is an old Magar (a Sin-Tibetan ethnic group of Nepal) village, which is still untouched by modern development. The surrounding area of Bandipur used to be ruled by the Magar kings. The houses are typical made of hay, mud and bricks with dominant round structures. The practice is quite different from Bandipur itself due to the difference in the ethnic settlement. It is an enjoyable gentle nature hike into the magar village. The walk goes through the cliff with the view of the valley on one side where you can see farmlands with wheat and rice paddy, you can see patches of forests on the other side. It takes approximately 21/2 -3 hrs to hike to the village where you can experience the daily rituals of the magar community.

We provide you with picnic lunch nearby the village where you can enjoy the overall view of the settlement while sitting under the Boddhi tree.

Hike to Siddha Cave:

The cave, which was discovered in 1987, makes for a popular half day trip. It is said to be one of the largest cave in South Asia. The cave is full of amazing sculpture-esque beauty made with stalactites and stalagmites. It is also home to bats, making it equally interesting. This cave is also called as “Patalidwar-Gateway to Heaven” and it is believed that anyone entering the cave will have all their sins washed away. A religious ceremony is held in the month of April in the cave.

Silkworm Farm:

Not everyone takes this pick, but a visit to Silkworm Farm takes you through the enthralling experience of how silk is produced. The farm has mulberry plant orchards, which is eaten by the silkworm. The worms are reared indoors, during the winter period (August to December) and Spring (March-May). You are welcome to visit during any time of the year.


It is an interesting walk to the nearby stone-carved water spouts called “Tindhara” where locals through ages have come to collect water, bathe and wash. Walk continues around “Tudhikhel”, a former parade ground for army at the time when Bandipur was one of the district headquarters. Tudhikhel, now a scenic vista is also a junction point for socialization for the commons. Walk back on the stone paved path in between the local houses.

Thani Mai Temple:

Perched on the top of Gurungche Hill, the climb up takes you Thani Mai temple that offers you a spectacular sunrise and sunset views. Clear mornings and evenings mean a 360-degree view in the country, with Himalayan range stretching along the horizon. Thick clouds beneath the mountain range makes you feel like you are above the clouds. The trail starts near the school at the southwest end of the bazaar, and is a steep 30-minute walk.

Khadga Devi Temple:

Just around the corner from the Bazaar, wide flight of stone steps leads uphill to this temple-which enshrines the sword of Mukunda Sen, the 16th-century king of Palpa (Tansen). Allegedly a gift from Shiva, the blade is revered as a symbol of shakti (consort or female energy). Every year during the biggest festival of Dashain which occurs in October, hundreds of devotees come from all over to do puja where lots of animal sacrifice is conducted.

Nature in Raniban:

Literally the name “Raniban” means the queens forest. The forest is mixed sal forest and is located east of the main Bandiour Bazaar. For nature enthusiasts it is abundant with local flora and fauna-birds, butterflies,orchids and more

All the above trips can be guided by our local staff from Gaun Ghar. Please kindly request at the front desk. If you would like packed lunch, we will be happy to prepare.

Enjoy your stay in Bandipur and we hope to make it a memorable one!